PACSWARE is a web-based highly customizable core-banking solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique needs and demands of service co-operative banks. Our highly customizable banking solutions enable service cooperative banks to enhance their operational efficiency, improve customer engagement, and deliver exceptional banking services.

One of the key features of SiMS-Core Banking Solutions is its unique component-based architecture. This architecture allows for the creation of new banking modules and products easily. This means that banks can quickly and easily integrate new features into their existing systems and customize the solution to their specific requirements.

PACSWARE 10g is suitable for

  • Service Co-operative Banks
  • Urban Co-operative Banks
  • Farmers Co-operative Banks
  • Co-operative Boards
  • Employees Pension Borad
  • Employees Welfare Borad
  • Employees Co-operative Societies
  • Housing Co-operative Societies
  • Pensioners Co-operative Societies
  • Agricultural Co-operative Societies
  • Urban Welfare Co-operative Societies
  • Rural Co-operative Societies
  • Marketing Co-operative Societies

Your wings to financial web application and application development.

SiMS Pacsware 10g Co-operative Banking System offers a wide range of features, including account management, loan management, fund transfer, payment processing, and customer relationship management. It also provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling banks to make informed decisions and improve their operational efficiency.

Modueles we provide

  • Shares
  • Chitty / MDS
  • Registers
  • Transactions
  • Journals
  • Utility
  • Branch

In addition to the traditional banking modules and products, PACSWARE has added several modules such as Capital and Share Management to manage their share capital and share accounts, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and Election module to conduct elections for their governing bodies in a transparent and efficient manner, and Curry module to manage their customer accounts related to the catering business for co-operative banks.

By offering these additional modules, SiMS Pacsware 10g Core Banking System provides a comprehensive and tailored solution for co-operative banks. This helps co-operative banks to improve their operational efficiency, manage regulatory compliance, and offer specialized services to their customers.