mPACS - Mobile application provides customizable and effective mobile banking solutions to fit the specific requirements of each bank. This means that each bank can tailor the mobile banking platform to their specific needs, branding and modules they provide in the bank.

The Sims platform is also highly scalable, meaning that it can grow and adapt to meet the increasing demands of a bank's customer base.

"Banking made easy with our mobile app - anytime, anywhere!"

Our mobile banking application is designed with security in mind, using advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect users sensitive financial information. With our mobile banking application, users can easily check their account balances, view transaction histories, and transfer funds between accounts with just a few taps.


  • Secure Login - Users can log in securely to their mobile banking app using their login credentials.
  • Transaction History- Users can browse through their transaction history for their current, savings, and loan accounts.
  • Pay New Payee - Users can save and pay a new payee quickly and easily through the mobile banking app.
  • Manage Payees - Users can view and delete their existing payees.
  • Money Transfer - Users can transfer money quickly between their Co-operative Bank accounts, as well as to other banks.
  • Paperless Statements - Users can view up to years of paperless statements for their current accounts, savings accounts, ISAs, and loans.
  • Payment Management - Users can view and cancel their Direct Debits, standing orders, and future dated payments through the mobile banking app.